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Meet the Artist

Seoul [1997]
SCI Office [1999]
AKKA Solo Exhibition [2018]
IAKKA Solo 2018
AKKA Solo Exhibition
About Mohamed Hamida

Mohamed Hamida's story is as vibrant as his artwork. His life journey from his native Tunisia to Germany and eventually to the United Arab Emirates is a tale of artistic passion intertwined with entrepreneurial spirit and familial devotion.

Beginning his artistic exploration in Germany as a young adult, Mohamed discovered not only his talent but also his distinctive style - Surreal Pointillism. Unfettered by formal art school teachings, his creativity flows freely, deeply from the soul. His paintings with feather pen and ink on paper are not merely compositions of colours and shapes; they are windows into his psyche, capturing the nuances of his moods and the intricacies of his experiences.


What sets Hamida apart as a painter is his ability to channel his emotions onto the art paper without a predetermined focus or agenda. Instead, he allows the atmosphere to guide his artistic expression, resulting in creations that are raw, authentic, and deeply personal. He delves into the depths of his being, drawing inspiration from his surroundings and the emotions that course through him. With each dot of his feather, he infuses a piece of himself into his art, creating works that resonate with viewers on a profound level. Through his paintings, Hamida invites us to contemplate the complexities of the human experience and the beauty that can be found within the depths of our souls. His art serves as a reminder that true mastery lies not in technical skills alone, but in the ability to translate one's innermost thoughts and feelings into something tangible and transcendent.

Despite his deep-rooted passion for his art, Mohamed's path took him via his career in hotel management and his second love - soccer - to a more pragmatic approach to life. In the early 1990s he relocated himself and his family to Dubai, in the United Arab Emirates. Driven by the ambition and the desire to provide in the best way possible for his loved ones, he ventured into the world of business, establishing a football agency that thrived in the burgeoning Gulf region for more than 25 years. Yet, amidst the hustle and bustle of his entrepreneurial endeavours, Mohamed's love for painting never waned. He often painted as a hobby, finding solace and inspiration in the quiet moments with his feather pen and ink.

Mohamed Hamida's dual identity as both an artist and a businessman adds layers of complexity to his narrative. While he excelled in the competitive world of sports management, his true passion lay in the world of art, where he found refuge from the demands of his professional life. His ability to balance these contrasting pursuits speaks volumes about his versatility and determination.

Today, as he enjoys the freedom of the life as a pensioner, Hamida continues to draw inspiration from his travels around the world. As a polyglot, he immerses himself in diverse cultures and experiences, enriching his artistic vision with a kaleidoskop of influences but still remains faithful to his original art style.

Mohamed Hamida's Football Portfolio

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