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Meet the Artist

Seoul [1997]
SCI Office [1999]
AKKA Solo Exhibition [2018]
IAKKA Solo 2018
AKKA Solo Exhibition
About Mohamed Hamida

Mohamed Hamida is an exceptional emerging artist born in Tunisia. His journey took him to Germany at a young age where he mastered his craft and found his unique style.


Mohamed has developed an art style - Surreal Pointillism - that is one of a kind and true to his nature. It is important to point out that he is a natural artist unaffected by and not adhering to any art school teachings. He simply mixes his colours and paints, deep out of his soul without thinking about dimensions and rules. Using ink on paper - he patiently finds every unique composition like a sprinkle of fairy dust. 

In the early 1990s, Mohamed packed up his family and moved from Germany to Dubai, United Arab Emirates. His ambitions and desire to give his family the best, drove him to start a business, a football agency, and excel in the rapidly growing Gulf region. However, his passion for art never dwindled. He continued to produce many masterpieces to escape and unwind. When asked where his creativity originated, he speaks of the many ways his dynamic life required him to engage in personal reflection and adaptation. 

Without the pressures of a demanding professional life now, the polyglot Mohamed Hamida takes much of his endless inspiration from his travels around the world. 

Mohamed Hamida's Football Portfolio

Have no fear of perfection - you'll never reach it

                                                                        Salvador Dali

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