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commissioned artwork


The client has a say in it:

It is understood, of course, that certain specifications like topic, size or colour scheme are usually given by a client in case of a commissioned artwork and, it goes without saying, appreciated by the painting artist. For a client seeking artwork from an artist like Mohamed Hamida, who works freely and passionately from the soul, providing ample creative space, however, is indeed wise.


Here's why:

Authentic Expression:

Artists like Mohamed Hamida thrive when given the freedom to express themselves authentically. By allowing him space to follow his creative instincts, the client is more likely to receive a piece that truly reflects Hamida's unique artistic vision and emotional depth.


Emotional Connection:

Hamida's work is often raw and deeply personal, stemming from innermost emotions and experiences. When given creative freedom, he can delve into these emotions more deeply, resulting in artwork that resonates on a profound level with the viewer.

Enhanced Quality:

When artists are given the freedom to work without constraints, they are more likely to produce high-quality work that showcases their true talents and abilities. By trusting Hamida's artistic instincts, the client increases the likelihood of receiving a masterpiece that exceeds their expectations. 

Client Satisfaction:

Ultimately, giving an artist like Mohamed Hamida creative space fosters a collaborative and trusting relationship between the artist and the client. When the client respects the artist's creative process and allows them the freedom of work, it often results in a more and fulfilling and satisfying experience for both parties.





Have no fear of perfection - you'll never reach it

                                                                        Salvador Dali

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