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Updated: Jun 9, 2022

It is a question whether a freelancing artist like Mohamed Hamida, without an own art company, needs his own logo. We think "YES" because it looks good on the web site and can be used as avartar in social media sites. The other question is of course how the logo should look like.

Should we take the initials of the name ? MH or HM ? Very cheesy and not worth an artist. Should we do something with dots or points ? Maybe...

Should it look artistic ? Somehow.

Should it be simple ? "Yes !" A logo should be simple and very much recognizable.

Should we take Arabic letters in regognition of the artist's heritage ?"

Good idea.

Arabic and simple ! So we invented the above logo for the artist. It is the Arabic "M" on top and the Arabic "hissed H" in its word-end form below it. We think that this simple Arabic logo meets all parameters. It is the initials of the artist's name, yes !? It looks artistic to non-Arabs, is oriental and is simple, and is even for non-Arabs very recognizable.

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