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When ? When will the ART SCENE get back to its wild, innocent, dashing, naughty pre-Covid vibrancy ? There is rarely any news in the Press about exhibitions and art events.

Is ART, painting art at least, that low on the priority list of the Press, Television and Internet outlets worldwide ? Or is just nothing coming up or taking place to report about.

The ART SCENE worldwide seems paralyzed in a strange way. The times when exhibitions were everywhere around and sometimes crowded with artlovers seem to be lightyears away, decades behind us, although it all changed only three years ago. Why is it so ?

Of course, it is not that attractive to visit an exhibition with a mask on nose and mouth and keeping distance from the rest of the visitors. ART pieces need to be discussed, admired and criticized.

Will we ever return to what we had before Covid ?

We at ArtInPoints, the artist Mohamed Hamida, tried to exhibit with virtual exhibitions on websites. But who is really interested in such exhibitions, not even we are interested.

ART obviously moved to the background in times when the Big Powers of the world clear up their issues. Anyway, we should stay optimistic. Our optimism is the only thing we have.

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