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Updated: Apr 26

Once upon a time, in May 1985 actually, a calm Sunday in the German Alps, a Hubby sat in his sitting-room, his hand poised with feather pen over a fresh sheet of art paper, ready to embark on a new journey into his artistic soul, something around a Gargoulette in his mind.

Meanwhile, a Wifey, pregnant and sensitive to everything untidy, bustled about the house, determined to leave no corner untouched by her industrious cleaning.

Their day took an unexpected turn when the Wifey stumbled upon a sizable spider web outside the garden window of the sitting-room. Panic seized her momentarily, her usual fearless self faltering in the face of the arachnid's creation. Desperately seeking immediate assistance, she turned faithfully to her Hubby, whose attention was deeply absorbed in his artistic pursuit.

Initially taken aback by his Wifey's distress, the Hubby, with a gentle nudge, set aside his feather pen and fetched a broom to tackle the unwelcome garden dweller. Venturing into the garden, he made quick work of the spider web, easing the Wifey's worries with his practical assistance.

With the glorious task accomplished, the Hubby returned to his painting which dot by dot became



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